our mission

Our mission is to improve the leadership skills, communication skills and wellbeing in education, by training staff, students and others in the school community to coach.


OUR philosophy

We believe that people are able to grow and change.

This is the fundamental belief behind our coaching philosophy, shaped by the coaching industry's founding contributors, 20th century social theorists, anthropologists, psychologists, and contemporary neuroscience research.

Our philosophy is supported by our set of beliefs.

We believe that:

  1. All people have the capacity to live in alignment with who they are and what they want.
  2. All people desire a sense of fulfilment and life purpose, often described as happiness, joy or peace.
  3. Making change is rooted in a decision-making loop that starts with heart, emotion and self-awareness before rational, linear thinking.
  4. Intelligence is fluid and constantly evolving.
  5. We can model our own excellence to drive new habit formation.
  6. Each person has within them exactly what they need to learn, grow and flourish.
  7. Knowing what is ‘most important’ to each individual is critical to the advancement of society.
  8. We can learn from others through observation.
  9. People make the best choice with the resources they have.  
  10. Taking responsibility is about action.
  11. There is no other moment but the present.
  12. One of most painful experiences in life is not being who you truly are.

Some of the people who have influenced Graydin and our coaching concepts include: Sir John Whitmore, Thomas J Leonard, Tim Gallwey, Laura Whitworth, Karen and Henry Kimsey-House, George Herbert Mead, Carol Dweck, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Stephen Covey, Hale Dwoskin, Eckhart Tolle, Howard Gardner, Jim Knight, and Antonio Damasio. 



Our values are at the core of everything we do – they inform our decisions, work and impact.

Graydin’s values can be distilled into four words: heart, service, innovation and partnership.

HEART We only commit to projects that resonate with what’s most important to us; we want to feel a strong sense of passion for everything we do.

SERVICE We strive to use our experience and expertise to be of service to the world, our clients and future generations.

INNOVATION Drawing on research and findings of social theorists, psychologists and contemporary neuroscientists, we continue to create new and innovative coaching methodologies.

PARTNERSHIP Collaborative partnerships are central to our work and our success; we believe that the coming together of minds and hearts is what leads to long-lasting change.

These values keep us grounded and committed. 



Our vision is the transformation of education.

Today’s digital connected economy expects creative and adaptive thinkers who can problem-solve our 21st century challenges. This creates demand for a revolutionary change within the education system.

We value this change and partner with educators to make this change a reality —one in which we teach, we learn and we coach.

We dream of and work towards creating a world where self-aware and internally motivated young people learn from similarly self-aware, creative, flexible and inspired teachers.

We see a world where every teacher knows and can employ the benefits of coaching, inside and outside the classroom.

Our vision is to embed coaching into the school culture so it becomes a valuable part of everyday life.

Learn more about how we define coaching.