Additional Q+As

What if I don’t believe I am capable and whole as a coach?

We believe that every person is capable and whole, and therefore has the capacity to believe this for themselves. If this belief does not come easily, you may want to: ‘act as if’, in order to build this muscle; create a list of the instances in which you have been capable and whole (not broken); or create your own definition of capable and whole that includes you. 



What do I do when the coachee asks me what to do or what I would do?

As a coach, your role is to ask and not tell. And yet, a moment may appear in your personal coaching journey when giving your opinion is in service of your coachee. If you choose to give advice, we ask that you are mindful about this and verbally tell your coachee that you are taking off your ‘coaching hat’ andswitching roles towards being a mentor or adviser.