Additional Q+As

What is the most important part of the journey?

There is no part of the coachee’s journey that is more important than another. The parts may not all be equal in terms of length or frequency within the conversation. However, awareness, lens and action are all equal in terms of their importance. It can be easy to leave out lens and think that the coachee will move effortlessly from awareness to action. This is the part of the cycle that’s most commonly left out, so keep it at the forefront of your mind.



What if my coachee is unaware of something?

There will be cases when your coachee is unaware of something that you have been told or been made aware of in a separate context. Eg, you may know that the person they want to work with on a project is lazy from personal or third hand experience. It can be tempting to ‘tell’ the coachee this information. Resist this and keep The Three Truths of Coaching in mind. What question can you ask to raise their awareness? At the end of the day, there is also a time and place to switch roles and be their ‘friend’ who knows something. Ask the coachee if they would like you to share your experience before launching into to criticising someone else or telling them your opinion. Give them choice and empower them.