Additional Q+As

How can I manage Me Listening?

Each person’s version of being focused or attentive looks and feels different. However, there are a number of similarities. Focused and attentive may look like you are:

  • sitting up reasonably straight
  • breathing from your diaphragm and not from your chest
  • relaxing your jaw, stomach and shoulders.

By simply relaxing your body, you can move your focus of attention away from you and towards the other person.


How can I use sounds I hear outside, eg traffic noise or a school bell, in my coaching?

Outside noises can be used to inspire questions or even re-direct the conversation. Eg, imagine the school bell goes off during a coaching conversation. In that moment you may ask your coachee, “What alarm bells are ringing for you?” Or, if a noisy group of people pass by, you could ask, “What’s the noise in your life?”