Additional Q+As

How can I coach someone who has conflicting values?

Conflicting values are not uncommon and there are lots of different ways to work around them. What is critical is that you voice what you hear using Say It As You See It, or in this case, as you hear it. Then it is up to the coachee to explore this and come to a conclusion about how they will move forward.


How else can I use values in a coaching context?

A powerful way to complete a coaching session is to ask a values-driven question and bring the conversation back to the Heart. The Start With Heart model does not say to end with Heart and yet, it is incredibly powerful to do so!

At the Step stage of the model, you can encourage your coachee to connect with who they are and who they are becoming by asking any of these powerful Effective Questions:

  • How will taking this action impact other areas of your life?
  • What progress are you making?
  • What values will be inspired by this step you are taking?