Our Coaching Schools programme is designed to embed coaching into the culture of educational organisations around the world.

We believe everybody – including you and your educators –  have the capacity to coach and to benefit from coaching.  

Our drive to improve leadership, communication and wellbeing in education through coaching makes us unique. We go further than training educators in coaching skills, to embedding coaching right into the ethos and culture of schools, universities and education organisations.



We partner with schools to build their capacity in coaching skills and develop self-sustaining coaching cultures.

We do this by providing:

  • series of coaching-training courses
  • one-to-one coaching
  • evaluative co-delivery
  • on-going partnership subscriptions. 

At the heart of our Coaching Schools Programme is our Coaching Course Series Curriculum — three, two-day coaching courses that guides participants from basic coaching skills, to more advanced skills and lastly training to lead a course themselves. 

Become a Graydin Coaching School

What if your whole school had a coaching approach?
It can, if your school becomes a Graydin Coaching School.

The process of becoming a Graydin Coaching School is an intensive two-part process of implementation and maintenance where we’re with you every step of the way.

We work with schools that are committed to change and dedicated to partnering with Graydin. Each school commits to a tailored timeline of training and development so they can ultimately create a sustainable coaching culture for years to come.

The Implementation stage focuses on enrolment and training. We support each school to generate interest and excitement about coaching, followed by learning, training and practice in coaching skills. It’s 100% voluntary, where possible, and relies on enough people engaging with this new opportunity in their school.

The Maintenance stage focuses on creating sustainability. We support each school to create structures and policies to enthuse and drive the development of skills to ensure a coaching culture is created and sustained. This stage provides space for evolution and change to take place and for each school to find their own form of sustainability for their school.

Graydin’s courses are not a collection of scraps/resources/workshops that have been arbitrarily bolted together (as I have seen in so many other programmes delivered to schools). It takes the entire school into consideration.
— Robert Cromarty, Head of Year 10, Wellington College