The Anatomy, Oxford


The Anatomy, Oxford


17th and 18th May 2018,
09:00 to 17:00
Aureus School, Oxford, UK


During the course you will learn:

  • Start With Heart Model
  • Coachee's Journey
  • The Three Ms of Listening
  • The Three Truths of Coaching
  • Coaching Growing Pains
  • The difference between coaching and other methods of help
  • How to coach a person in one minute, five minutes, 20 minutes or an hour
  • Self-reflection and self-evaluation skills for improved self-awareness
  • How to help someone overcome their internal barriers to success
  • Improved goal setting and accountability techniques
  • Communication skills to identify and develop potential

But, don't take our word for it!

At your request, we can put you in contact with any of the following organisations we have worked with: Wellington College, Ryde School, Kensington Prep School, St Edwards Oxford, Latymer Upper School, Rugby School, London South Bank University, Middlesex University Dubai, Monkton Combe and more.

What is the cost?

The price for one person is £375 or for two people £650 + VAT. This is a special rate for a maximum of 18 people and includes:

  • Two-day interactive coaching course, including refreshments
  • 10 weeks of follow-up emails to help embed the skills you have learned
  • Access to Graydin's online Learning Portal which includes The Anatomy: Foundational Coaching Course 80+ page handbook as well as other coaching resources such as recommended books, research articles and worksheets

How can you book?

Either book your attendance via Eventbrite (additional Eventbrite fee applies) or email Abby at to reserve your spot and receive an invoice for the price quoted above.

If you have any questions about the course, please email


This is a non-refundable ticket. If necessary, the ticket may be transferred to another person within your school or organisation.