In addition to running courses specifically tailored for schools, we run open-enrolment courses available to the general public. 


The Anatomy:
Foundational Coaching Course for Teachers and Senior Leaders

THURSDAY 23 NOV and FRIDAY 1 dec 2017, 9.00AM TO 5.00PM

In schools throughout the UK, educators are adopting a coaching approach and striving to create a coaching culture. The result? They are transforming education.

When coaching skills are widespread, school initiatives and practices flourish. A coaching approach enriches interactions: from informal conversations to management meetings, academic tutoring and performance reviews, people thrive. Learn how to coach yourself and others to elevate learning and performance. A coaching approach to education and life equips you and your students to break through barriers and increase communication, competence and confidence.

Developed by Graydin, an organisation that delivers specialised coaching services to educators, this two-day course offers a unique opportunity to be trained in coaching language, skills and concepts.

Amongst teachers and staff, a coaching culture improves:

  • communication
  • trust and understanding
  • comfort with self-exploration and honesty
  • awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses
  • independence, confidence and resourcefulness
  • the capacity to deal with varying degrees of stress and conflict
  • the ability to support student confidence, motivation and academic attainment

At the end of the course, you will leave with tools and techniques that can be immediately implemented to help your students and colleagues maximise their potential including:

  • skillful questioning designed to develop thinking capacity
  • self-reflection and self-evaluation skills for improved self- awareness
  • communication skills to identify and develop potential
  • improved goal setting and accountability techniques

Following this course you will receive 10 weeks of follow-up emails to remind you of the skills you have learned. Plus, access to Graydin's Learning Portal including a 70+page handbook as well as other coaching and resources for educators.

Fee: The price for one person is £375 or for two people £650 + VAT and Eventbrite's fee.

Contact: Please be in contact with us prior to booking your spot by emailing

Address: University College School, Frognal, London, NW3 6XH



FRIDAY 6 MAY 2016, 9.30AM TO 5.30PM

Coaching is not just another ‘fad’. It’s now widely recognised as a powerful and effective approach to communication, in addition to being a transformative tool to support others.

Of course, we are not talking about sports coaching (though some tools can also be applied in that context).  Instead, we are talking about professional coaching skills that have filtered their way through business, management and now education. 

The Basics: Graydin's Introduction to Coaching Course is a one-day experiential coaching course designed to train participants in essential coaching skills and tools. The course will equip participants with practical, applicable and valuable coaching skills, which can be widely used in both personal and professional contexts.

The course will be facilitated by Faye Kilgour, Lead Coach & Community Manager at Graydin. With over eight years of experience in both business and more recently education; Faye is an engaging, fun and challenging trainer and coach.

The Basics will provide participants with the opportunity to learn: 

  • what coaching is (and isn’t!);
  • Graydin’s Start With Heart Model;
  • essential coaching tools for effective communication;
  • tools to create supportive, collaborate, and flexible relationships;
  • Graydin’s Three Truths (the backbone of coaching);
  • how to self-coach, ‘stealth coach’ and engage in a professional coaching conversation with another; and
  • practical ways to use coaching skills daily.

Who should attend: This course is designed for everyone who is interested in coaching. From those keen to help themselves, those who want to learn how to effectively support others, and also those curious to learn Graydin’s Start With Heart Model and associated skills and tools.

Venue Location: The Lift, 45 Lion Street, London N1 9PW.

Food: We promise to keep you refreshed throughout the day and we encourage you to step out at lunch.

Materials: In addition to the day, you will receive a detailed handbook, which will explain all the content you have learned.




This two-day course will be an informative, experiential and valuable way to become equipped in foundational coaching skills and learn more about the impact coaching has on whole school culture. 

During this two-day course you will learn how to:

  • improve communication and collaboration between colleagues
  • enhance professional learning and performance management processes
  • create better teaching and learning experiences
  • support the improvement of student-teacher and parent-teacher relationships
  • develop leadership and independent thinking in others
  • build a learning culture characterised by self-awareness, self-direction and responsibility

The course will be facilitated by Graydin’s Co-Founder, Quinn Simpson and Lead Coach, Faye Kilgour. They will share with you Graydin's coaching model and techniques designed specifically for education. This two-day course promises to be engaging, informative and inspiring. 

Both days will be hosted at a Central London location.

We promise to keep you refreshed with tea, biscuits, fruits and other snacks throughout the day and we encourage you to step out at lunch. 

Please note, we encourage you to bring other senior leaders from your school and are providing a discount to encourage this. 

Graydin really looks forward to welcoming you to a special and unique two-day coaching course designed for you as senior leaders.