Ryde School, located on the Isle of Wight, is one of the schools showcased in our most recent Progress Report. It’s an independent, infancy to secondary co-educational day and boarding school, with 108 teachers and 736 students. 


Christina Vince of Ryde School first heard Graydin speak about the concept of coaching in schools when she attended Graydin and Wellington Colleges’ 1st Annual Coaching in Education Conference in November 2013. Christina was moved by the impact coaching had made in schools and inspired to envisage what a whole-school coaching strategy at Ryde might look like. 

One of Ryde School’s visions is to develop a coaching approach in all areas of school life. This is spearheaded by the Head of Pastoral Care, Head of Personal Development, the Second Master, and other senior members of staff. Ryde School continues to train with Graydin to embed a coaching culture across the school.



Prior to the first coaching course, most staff members knew very little about the concept of coaching (non-sports related). In January 2015, Graydin spoke for 10-minutes via Skype to more than 60 staff members about the benefits of coaching. Following this, 24 teachers and staff signed up for Graydin’s The Anatomy: Foundational Coaching Course.

This course has changed who I am as a person for the better and changed how I interact with others.
One of the best courses that I have attended in my 40+ year working life. Approached with an open mind, I found many useful management skills I could hone in on.



Across the school, teachers are using coaching tools to improve the quality of their academic and pastoral engagement with students. The tools are also being integrated into professional review meetings with senior and middle managers. Heads of year are finding the coaching skills particularly useful, not only in their work with students but also during meetings with parents.

For teachers, the experience of working together to develop and hone their coaching skills has strengthened their relationships and collegiality through cross-department support.

Coaching advocates within the school have also created a ‘coaching stairwell’ where students and teachers can self-coach. The school’s walls have been lined with Graydin’s effective questions and the order of the questions (informed by the Start With Heart model) guide individuals through the process of effective self-coaching.

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