Which Queue Are You Standing In?

There is no one to fix but yourself. It’s as simple as that. 

My father was never a self-help book reader. He would have called it ‘sissy’ stuff. Yet he also saw the irony of everyone trying desperately to change everyone around them, rather than looking at themselves in the mirror. Hence why he cut out this cartoon for me seven years ago. 

It’s humourous (and this cartoon helps) to think about the number of people who seek coaching because of external factors - more specifically - other people. Very seldom does someone say, “The relationship with my boss isn’t working and it’s all my fault…I need to change.”

They may eventually reach that place but more often than not, it starts as blame…“They…They…They…AND THEY….”

What about you? What about what YOU CAN control?

Coaching places the ownership and responsibility on the coachee. 

You still want to fix others?

There’s a queue waiting for you and you’ll be standing in it for a long time. 

CHOOSE YOU. It is that simple.