BE Programme

After five years of training teachers, students and parents in coaching skills we looked to develop a wellbeing curriculum for schools, colleges and universities.

We decided to call it the BE programme as it’s focused on developing who the participants are and want to become.  

The programme encourages personal growth. It helps to develop the skills and mindset to flourish in education and in life by focusing on seven qualities. These include:

  1. Awareness

  2. Curiosity

  3. Fulfilment

  4. Connection

  5. Accountability

  6. Effectiveness

  7. Influence (in development)

Led by teachers that have been trained by our Coaching Course Series, teachers named as Coach-Facilitators deliver the programme using coaching skills as their main form of facilitation. The BE Programme is highly experiential with 24 lessons of engaging activities, exercises and practical fieldwork alongside 10 hours of unguided reading and visual materials.